Lucca. Ceramiche medievali e post-medievali (Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi). I. Dalle ceramiche islamiche alle ‘maioliche arcaiche’. Secc. XI-XV


Author: Graziella Berti and Laura Cappelli
Year of printing: 1994
ISBN: 9788878140141


The introduction of ceramics with vitrified and variously decorated coatings constitutes an event of fundamental importance for the change it brought about in the uses and customs of society. The study of their presence in more or less circumscribed areas, as in the specific case of Lucca, provides valuable information on commercial relations, local activities in the sector, the standard of living of citizens, etc., in relation to other more or less less neighboring. The artifacts used to decorate religious buildings in the city and the countryside, and the huge amount of finds returned from the subsoil on the occasion of restorations, rebuilding, excavations in the city center, which have merged into the National Museum of Villa Guinigi from the early XNUMXs to the present day , constituted an extensive documentation, suitable to outline the history of the 'consumption' of these ceramics in the city of Lucca during the medieval and post-medieval centuries. This volume is the concretization and presentation, relating to a first batch, of the results that emerged from a systematic investigation conducted for more than a decade on these practically unpublished materials. It ranges from ceramics imported from Islamic countries during the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries, to ceramics with 'stanniferous enamel' covers, called 'archaic majolica' imported or manufactured locally. Even if the research setting may appear to be aimed especially at specialists, archaeologists and ceramologists, the amount of data collected on the recovery sites cannot fail to interest scholars of architecture and local history because it is many points of view, of a fundamentally new and hitherto unknown chapter. The overview will find its extension with the volumes in preparation: II. The 'engobed' and 'graffiti' ceramics. Local imports and productions. Secc. XV-XVI; III. Italian and Spanish majolica. Secc. XIV-XVI. These works will form the basis for filling what was a large gap within the historiography of Lucca.


Nota introduttiva, di Maria Teresa Filieri




I. I contesti di rinvenimento delle ceramiche

1. Gli edifici decorati con ceramiche

2. I contesti archeologici relativi ai recuperi dal sottosuolo

II. Le ceramiche

Ceramiche islamiche
Ceramiche con rivestimenti monocromi verdi
Ceramiche ‘graffite arcaiche tirreniche’
Le ‘maioliche arcaiche’



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