Mantova: topografia e potenziale archeologico della civitas vetus dalla tarda antichità all’alto medioevo


Author: Alberto Manicardi
Year of printing: 2015
ISBN: 9788887115987

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In the last twenty years, numerous archaeological discoveries have contributed to enrich our knowledge of the forma urbis of the city of Mantua since its origins. Starting from the Etruscan city up to the early Middle Ages, Mantua seems to remain enclosed in a few hectares, but despite this reduced physical size, evidence of a not insignificant standard of living and culture emerged.
The volume recovers the archaeological data, mainly unpublished, collected in recent years and proposes new reflections on the civitas vetus of Mantua between the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, to shed light on some historical problems still unresolved. The excavations have in fact brought information about the Roman urban road network, private buildings, ecclesiastical topography, in which the octagonal structure found in via Rubens, certainly baptistery (the second found in Mantua), appears of particular importance. A careful stratigraphic reading (accompanied by sections and heights) of 18 excavations reconstructs a sort of historical morphology of the civitas vetus, functional to understand the settlement transformations with respect to the original natural context and how the anthropic deposit developed between Roman and early Middle Ages . Although some uncertainties remain from a chronological point of view, the volume represents a useful step for the drafting of a risk or archaeological potential map, or a qualitative and quantitative assessment paper of the existing archaeological heritage of Mantua, within the so-called urban archeology, understood as a discipline that studies the cities in their archaeological conformation through the assessment of deposits and the design of survey interventions.

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