“Metalli, creta, una piuma d’uccello…”


Author: Mariolina Gamba, Giovanna Gambacurta, Federica Gonzato, Elena Pettenò, Francesca Veronese (edited by)
Year of printing: 2021
ISBN: 9788899547509

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"Metals, clay, a bird's feather ...", this verse from the poem Museum of Wisława Szymborska seemed particularly evocative of the multiform interest of Angela Ruta Serafini, Mariangela for many, for everything that comes to us from that "curious creature" who it is “the past”, from artisanal productions to the evanescent forms of the perishable. Interest in the past, for its rigorous archaeological investigation, for how much of the ancient material culture has been preserved and it is necessary to preserve and enhance in the most appropriate and effective way, are among the main aspects to which Mariangela has dedicated herself and dedicates herself with always renewed passion. Of her long and dynamic archaeological career, interwoven with deep and sincere ties with colleagues and colleagues, often become dear friends, this volume is testimony that collects a rich number of writings on archeology and beyond, which many scholars have dedicated to her, expressing them in this way the deep esteem, the strong friendship and a great gratitude. The miscellany ranges from archaeological excavations to material culture, language and interpretation of the main artistic manifestations of ancient Veneto, with attention also to significant aspects of contemporary museology, reflecting the multiple interests of Mariangela who was for many years, as an official of the Archaeological Superintendence of Veneto, custodian of the archaeological heritage of numerous provinces, but above all of the cities of Padua and Este, which thanks to his studies have assumed the consistency that is known today. Active and always in the field, she has been a guide for many young archaeologists who trained with her thanks to the stimuli offered by her deep-rooted critical sense, her tireless willingness to fruitful discussions, a prelude to research and shared publications that have enriched the panorama of studies. of ancient Veneto. The numerous contributions of many young and no longer young colleagues and collaborators are proof of this attitude to team work. Lively communicator, Mariangela was able, as Director of the National Atestino Museum in Este, to be innovative in museology, in particular for museum teaching, of which she was undoubtedly a pioneer with ideas, ideas and initiatives that are still an important reference for everyone today. those who deal with museums, museum communication and the involvement of different audiences. This collection therefore wants to express sincere thanks and be a tangible recognition for Mariangela, a tireless archaeologist, who still knows and will be able to offer a lot with generosity to archaeological studies and dissemination.

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