Montelupo Rosso Secret. Nine centuries of Tuscany Ceramics / Crvena iz Montelupa Devet stoljeća toskanske keramike


Author: Montelupo Museum Foundation and the Experimental Ceramic Center of Montelupo Fiorentino (edited by)
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878149311
e-ISBN: 9788878149328




This exhibition on the Montelupine ceramic tradition achieves a goal that I have been pursuing for years; finally the right opportunity has arisen and I am happy.
I was born in Montelupo, which today has totally changed its appearance from the years in which I spent the summer months there in my grandmother Dora's house, but fortunately she has been able to keep intact, and indeed develop and diversify, her best indigenous manufacture: ceramics. di Montelupo, under various names and designs, today it is exported to many countries and I am proud to make it known also in Croatia.
It is an ancient tradition, with very particular characteristics highlighted in the various scientific interventions in this catalog; not sufficiently known and appreciated as other Italian ceramic schools, it deserves a greater promotion even outside our country.
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Montelupo Ceramics Museum in its new location, the building that in my childhood memories housed the school: the large and bright rooms illustrate well the long historical journey of this local manufacture, the moments of splendor during the Renaissance, the subsequent period of decline and the awakening starting from the last century, when the production was able to make use of the contribution of the best designers to invent new shapes and decorations, thus projecting itself on the international market.
The Montelupo ceramic school, where young students continue to learn the methods of processing and decoration, naturally has a primary importance for keeping alive and passing on this ancient and splendid tradition.
This is why we decided to accompany the exhibition with some workshops held by Montelupine artisans: students from the School and Academy of Art in Zagreb will also participate and it seemed to us the best way to reconstruct the atmosphere of the "workshop", to promote moments of encounter and exchange of experiences.
I am truly grateful to all those who in various ways have contributed to the realization of this initiative, and I hope that Zagreb will be only the first stage of a wider European “tour”.

Stephanie Del Bravo
Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Zagreb

  • Presentazioni  / Prezentacije, Stefania Del Bravo, Paolo Masetti
  • Esposizione al Museo delle Arti e dell’Artigianato di Zagabria (Croazia)
  • Izložba u Muzeju za umjetnost i obrt u Zagrebu (Hrvatska), Alessandro Mandolesi, Marina Vignozzi Paszkowski
  • Montelupo, Ceramica di Firenze / Montelupo, Firentinska Keramika, Alessandro Mandolesi
  • Le ceramiche di Montelupo dalla tradizione al design (XIX-XXI secolo) / Keramika iz Montelupa iz 19. i 20. stoljeća: od tradicije do dizajna, Marina Vignozzi Paszkowski
  • Il Centro Ceramico Sperimentale del saper fare e per l’innovazione tecnica e la Nuova Scuola di Ceramica e delle Arti applicate a Montelupo Fiorentino /
  • Centar za Eksperimentalnu Keramiku uz Primjenu Znanja i Iskustva te Tehnoloških Inovacija i Nova Škola Keramike i Primijenjenih Umjetnosti u
  • Montelupu Fiorentinu, Paolo Pinelli
  • Catalogo. Montelupo Rosso Secret / Katalog. Crvena iz Montelupa
  • Montelupo, dalle origini al XVIII secolo / Od samih početaka do 18. stoljeća, a cura di Alessio Ferrari
  • Ottocento, Novecento, Oggi / Od 19. do 21. stoljeća, a cura di Marina Vignozzi Paszkowski

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