Numismatica e Storia nel centenario della nascita di Gian Guido Belloni (1919-1996)


Author: Claudia Perassi, Alessandro Bona (editors)
Year of printing: 2022
ISBN: 9788899547622

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The volume intends to be a tribute to the figure of scholar and teacher of Gian Guido Belloni (1919-1996), whose biography is outlined in the First Part and scientific production is illustrated, which make him a happy example of synergies, accomplished through the unity of a person, between structures of different types, but connected by common perspectives of science and culture. Belloni was in fact active in managerial roles at important museum institutions in Milan (Civiche Raccolte d'Arte, Civic Numismatic and Medal Cabinet, Civic Archaeological Museum) and also professor of Numismatics and Roman Antiquities at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and Numismatics and Roman History at the University of Genoa. The Second Part brings together the speeches presented at the Conference organized on the centenary of Belloni's birth at the Milanese university, whose title Numismatics and History intended to underline the scholar's relationship with the monetary document, which he constantly analyzed in connection with the historical context in the which it was carried out, thus escaping from a purely ascertaining and descriptive treatment. The Third Part intends to outline the uninterrupted dialogue between the two disciplines in the specific research fields of the authors, chosen among the students of the teacher who have carried out a professional or study path in the numismatic sector, as well as two young researchers in the field of numismatics and of Roman History at the Catholic University. The fourth part is reserved for the presentation of a section of the university's numismatic collection, born from a happy intuition of Belloni, who thus intended to accompany the teaching of numismatics with the vision and study of original artifacts. The catalog of the founding nucleus of the collection (today rich in over 4.000 specimens) was drawn up by some students who have attended the Numismatics course in recent years, thus unraveling an ideal fil rouge between past and present.

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