Offanengo dei Longobardi. Archeologia e storia di un territorio della Lombardia centrale tra età romana e Medioevo


Author: Marilena Casirani (Editor)
Year of printing: 2022
ISBN: 9788899547684

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Along the southern border of the Lombard duchy of Bergamo, on the left bank of the Serio river and in connection with the Roman road that connected Pavia and Brescia, two of the most important cities of the Lombard kingdom, the richness and complexity of the settlement of Offanengo. Through the multidisciplinary analysis that made use of archaeological investigation, the study of toponymy, historical cartography and diplomatic-archival sources, the volume Offanengo dei Longobardi sheds new light on a settlement active since Roman times, in which they settled Lombard people who have left traces of themselves in the burials with rich equipment. However, the life of the settlement and its events are followed well beyond the early medieval phase, to unravel the plots relating to the formation, in the tenth century, of extensive landed estates linked to the great monasteries and to influential personalities of the Italian kingdom, also connected to the birth of fortifications in earth and wood, as well as clarifying the events relating to the birth of the parish church and the numerous places of worship that have now disappeared.

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