Oltre le stratigrafie. Storie di siti, ambienti e popoli Omaggio a Lanfredo Castelletti nel 2022


Author: Gian Pietro Brogiolo (edited by), Sila Motella De Carlo (edited by), Marina Uboldi (edited by)
Year of printing: 2022
ISBN: 9788899547646

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Beyond the stratigraphies. Stories of sites, environments and peoples represents a unanimous tribute from colleagues, students and friends to Lanfredo Castelletti on the occasion of his 80th birthday, as a sign of esteem and gratitude for his long and fruitful research and study activity. The title of this volume summarizes in a few words the multifaceted meaning of his intense and long career, during which he was able to link his passionate research as an archaeologist and archaeobiologist to his function as director of the Civic Museums of Como and manager of the Culture Department of the Municipality of How. It collects thirty writings whose themes fall within the various and numerous interests of Lanfredo Castelletti in the field of scientific studies, addressing subjects of archeology, material culture, history, architecture, archaeobotany, archaeometry, anthropology, environmental archeology. The contents treated concern not only the Italian and foreign territorial areas in which he has conducted numerous and multi-year excavation campaigns and promoted research projects, but also some of the innumerable sites that archaeological superintendencies, universities, museums, excavation cooperatives and others have placed available for the analyzes carried out in the Archaeobiology Laboratory, for many years the only point of reference in Italy for scientific investigations in the field of natural sciences applied to archaeological research.

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