Passaggi a nord-est. Antichità sommerse nella Laguna di Venezia


Author: Alessandro Asta, Stefano Medas
Year of printing: 2023
ISBN: 9788899547486

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During the two-year period 2017-2018, the Superintendency of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Municipality of Venice and its Lagoon arranged a series of protection, excavation and research activities connected to the construction of an underwater cable duct by Terna S.p.A. in the northern lagoon of Venice. The infrastructure, particularly relevant for energy supplies in the lagoon and coastal areas, was carefully designed to have a low environmental and landscape impact. The underwater archaeological investigations, the analyzes of the materials and the classification of the pre-Roman and Roman sites documented during the works have allowed us to broaden our knowledge regarding the lagoon population in ancient times. This volume, which makes use of the skills of scholars of lagoon and underwater archaeology, geomorphology, ceramic production, archaeozoology and dating of wooden remains from submerged contexts, collects a series of specialist contributions that allow for an in-depth analysis of the methods, problems and medium and long-term prospects of scientific research in this exceptional geographical sector. Passaggi a Nord-Est therefore retraces some traces of man's journey as responsible for the transformations of the territory and its use and the equally long pilgrimage of historical research, whose ultimate goal is increasingly intertwined with the need to defend the soul of Venice from the challenges (and pitfalls) of the present.

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