Patrimonium Appiae. Depositi emersi


Author: Francesca Romana Paolillo (Eds)Stefano Roascio (Eds)Mara Pontisso (Eds)
Year of printing: 2022
ISBN: 9788899547660

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A profound and precise reinterpretation of the extraordinary archaeological heritage of the Roman territory, crossed by the Appian, Latina and Ardeatina roads, has given rise to the first archaeological exhibition specifically aimed at studying and illustrating this area. The choice of sites and the display of materials, mainly from deposits and never studied before, was conceived on a topographical basis, following the ancient roads which, mile after mile, progressively moved away from the city. The vision is broadly diachronic, long-term, and aims to highlight the characteristics of settlements and man's relationship with environmental resources starting from the pre/protohistoric age, up to the late Middle Ages, if not beyond . It is an exhibition not so much of artistic masterpieces, which also embellish the collections of many European museums, but of small fragments of the past, which contribute to weaving new interpretative relationships of history and landscape. On the occasion of the archaeological exhibition, the Park has taken up the challenge of establishing a dialogue with contemporary art and with a series of artists who, in harmony with the ancient finds, places and archaeologists, offer original reinterpretations of the rich landscape of the Parco dell 'Appia, with specifically created works, which approach the archaeological exhibition.

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