Ritessere e raccontare. Appunti sulla comunicazione dell’archeologia

12,00 - 30,00

Author: Silvia Pallecchi
Year of printing: 2023
ISBN: 9788892851931
e-ISBN: 9788892851948

Technical Information

Archaeological finds and contexts constitute complex archives, which preserve the recording of personal events, habits, ways of being, doing and thinking of the women and men who came before us, as well as the characteristics of the world in which they lived . This information, crystallized in matter, can be reread and decoded with the tools of archeology and, for the most part, offer interesting opportunities for cultural - and sometimes even economic - development for the communities and territories in which they are found. In order for communities to re-appropriate these assets and their history, giving them a value within their own relational processes, a mediation operation is needed that allows their contents to be communicated, proposing them again in common and accessible languages. From this point of view, communication in archeology constitutes a necessity, as well as an ethical imperative, and represents an unavoidable step in the valorisation process, i.e. the conferral of value to cultural heritage. Communication can follow different and very varied ways today, which have been significantly implemented following the great health emergency due to COVID-19 and which are constantly and rapidly evolving.



  • 1. Archeologia e comunicazione
  • 2. Parlare e scrivere di archeologia
  • 3. Illustrare l’archeologia
  • 4. Archeologia al tempo dei social
  • 5. Le frontiere del gaming
  • 6. La comunicazione esperienziale dell’archeologia e dei beni culturali
  • 7. Comunicare in cantiere
  • 8. Spazio alla fantasia!
  • 9. Bibliografia

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