Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente, Supplemento 5. Forme del sacro. Scritti in memoria di Doro Levi

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Author: Faith Berti
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9789609559201


As he recalled several times, in Iasos Doro Levi sought evidence of the contacts between the Minoans of Crete and the coasts of Asia Minor. In the issue of the Art Bulletin which, in 1985, collected various studies on Iasos, on the sidelines of these discoveries, he still wrote:
"Thus, for the first time in Asia Minor, not only fragments of Mid-Minoan pottery were found, which are added to the only ones discovered so far in Miletus, but also remains of buildings of a distinctly Cretan character, which somehow confirm the tradition of the thalassocracy of Minos. The layer with remains of the Middle-Minoan age continues towards the East… and towards the North under… ruins that must be removed before reaching the layer that is of particular interest to us ».
If the method with which the excavation was conducted guaranteed and guarantees the results - although the frame of reference then assumed a different historical articulation and although today it is observed with some reservations that the oldest was sometimes sought and brought to light in at the expense of the most recent - the area of polis become now in the classical age it still raises questions for the role it had in the development of the settlement, both in the "very distant" (are the pottery that emerged, very abundant, in the deepest trenches together with the water table?), and in the "more close "(in what period and in what form did he regain possession of it after the late geometrical / high archaism, when he was buried there with rituals that reveal the complexity of the social body? Or: how long and what changes did it take for the phenomenon to end? on the contrary, that from the Christian basilica and the dense burial ground that surrounded it, covering it, led to the fortification of the isthmus to defend what remained of the settlement from attacks coming "from the ground"? Above all, what remained of the latter?).
Even other finds on the peninsula, although research on the ground have marked the pace, await new readings.
For the studies collected here twenty-five years after the death of Doro Levi, it seemed almost natural to receive the baton from a theme (the sacred) that has seen so many recent and illuminating contributions touching epigraphic and architectural issues, but that has many others in front of it. objectives to be achieved, in the urban environment and in cry.

Faith Berti

  • Fede Berti, Doro Levi e Iasos
  • Gianfranco Maddoli, Artemis Astias a Iasos
  • Simonetta Angiolillo, Iasos παλαιόπλουτος. Testimonianze di scultura architettonica di età arcaica: ipotesi e interrogativi
  • Nicolò Masturzo, Iasos. I naiskoi ad ante nel santuario di Zeus
  • Maurizio Landolfi, Ancora sui thymiateria di Iasos
  • Maria Adele Ibba, Antonella Pautasso, I vecchi scavi sulle terrazze orientali dell’acropoli di Iasos. Un’indagine retrospettiva per una proposta di lettura
  • Daniela Baldoni, Immagini di divinità nella coroplastica di Iasos
  • Fede Berti, Il recinto delle doppie asce, ovvero il posto di Zeus nell’agora di Iasos
  • Lucia Innocente, L’iscrizione C.Ia 4
  • Roberta Fabiani, Kathoti kai proteron. Un contributo all’interpretazione di I.Iasos 219
  • Marcello Spanu, Un monumento ellenistico a ghirlande da Iasos?
  • Valentina Cabiale, Il c.d. martyrion della basilica paleocristiana nell’agora di Iasos: un problema aperto
  • Fabrice Delrieux, Les monnaies trouvées sous la basilique de l’agora d’Iasos
  • Diego Peirano, La basilica cristiana dell’acropoli di Iasos
  • Alister Filippini, Alcune iscrizioni tardoantiche e bizantine dalla basilica dell’acropoli e da altri edifici cristiani di Iasos
  • Francesco Tomasello, La basilica cristiana presso il Balık Pazarı di Iasos. Aggiornamento di una lettura
  • Fabrice Delrieux, Les monnaies de fouilles d’Iasos à types isiaques. Le culte d’Isis Pelagia en Carie au IIe siecle p.C.
  • Beatrice Palma Venetucci, Culti egizi da Iasos ad Antium
  • Pier Giovanni Guzzo, Immagini divine a Ripacandida?
  • Indici

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