Annuario della Scuola Archeologica di Atene e delle Missioni Italiane in Oriente, Supplemento 8. Monetary and social aspects of Hellenistic Crete

30,00 - 60,00

Author: Renata Cantilena (ed.), Federico Carbone (ed.)
Year of printing: 2020
ISBN: 9789609559249


The international conference on Monetary and Social Aspects of Hellenistic Crete took place in June 2018 at the Italian Archaeological School in Athens, which was attended by numerous studios from different disciplinary fields engaged in research on Crete in the Hellenistic period 1. The idea to organize the meeting stemmed from the desire to initiate a discussion between numismatists, archaeologists, historians, epigraphists on aspects of Cretan society between the end of the IV and the I BC, in order to investigate the impact that the coin had in the development of local communities, either if issued in response to spending needs for urban and defensive structures, or if connected to mercenary practices or for military mobilizations, or if functional to commercial relations or to internal and / or external policy choices [...]

Renata Cantilena



  • Renata Cantilena, Ricerche sugli aspetti monetari e sociali di Creta in età ellenistica: le ragioni di un confronto
    Investigations on monetary and social aspects of Crete in the Hellenistic age: the reasons for a debate


  • Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan “The Wild East”: Eastern Mirabello before and after 100 BC
  • Nadia Coutsinas, Hellenistic Olous: Connectivity and Defence
  • Fausto Longo, Phaistos in the Hellenistic period: research questions and perspectives
  • Nunzio Allegro – Maria Ricciardi, Le fortificazioni ellenistiche di Gortina vent’anni dopo
  • Jacopo Bonetto – Anna Bertelli – Edoardo Brombin, The transformation of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios at Gortyna in the Hellenistic period
  • Patrizio Fileri, Egyptian cults in late Hellenistic Gortyn
  • Giacomo Biondi – Niki Oikonomaki, The Patela and the area of Prinias in Hellenistic times
  • Nota Karamaliki, Hellenistic Rithymna
  • Μαρία Σκόρδου, Θέση Καμπί ή Μνήματα Άνω Καλάθαινες Κισάμου: οικιστικά και ταφικά δεδομένα μιας άγνωστης ελληνιστικής θέσης στη δυτική Κρήτη
  • Federica Di Biase, Crete in the Hellenistic period: some reflections about domestic space
  • Κατερίνα Τζανακάκη – Μαρία Σκόρδου, Αγροικία στο Καλάμι (επικράτεια αρχαίας Απτέρας, Χανίων): οικονομία του οίκου κατά τους ελληνιστικούς χρόνους
  • Pasquale Valle, Falasarna: anfore, guerre e pirati


  • Giovanni Marginesu, L’economia di Gortina dopo il IV secolo a.C. Note epigrafiche
  • François Chevrollier, Le rôle de l’Etat dans l’économie des cités crétoises à l’époque hellénistique d’après les sources épigraphiques
  • Adam Pałuchowski, Les formes de dépendance dans la Crète hellénistique: essai de classification dans le contexte socio-politique et économique de l’époque
  • Caroline Carrier, La monnaie, une source fondamentale de l’histoire de Cnossos (IIIe-IIe siècles)
  • Irene Vagionakis, The ethnic in the onomastic formula of Cretans outside Crete
  • Lorenzo Cigaina Il koinon nomisma mancato: federalismo e convergenze regionali nella monetazione di Creta (III-I sec. a.C.)
  • The numismatic documentation. Coin production and circulation
  • Vassiliki E. Stefanaki – Caroline Carrier, Les monnaies crétoises du premier tiers du Ier s. av. J.-C.: état de la question et perspectives de recherche
  • Federico Carbone, Rhythms of coin production in III-II century BC: a focus on Gortyna and Phaistos
  • Annalisa Polosa, Itanos: production et circulation monétaire
  • Γεώργιος Κακαβάς, Ο «θησαυρός» των Χανίων IGCH 254 & CH VII 104. Μια νέα προσέγγιση
  • Kleanthis Sidiropoulos Hoards from Crete or the island in foreign footsteps
  • Eva Apostolou Crète-Cyrénaïque et Rhodes: relations continues et influences monétaires
  • Alessandro Cavagna, Tra la Grecia, l’Asia e l’Egitto: monete “straniere” nella Creta ellenistica
  • Evangeline Markou – Vassiliki E. Stefanaki, From Cypriot kingdoms to Cretan city-states: monetary policies and practices
  • Niki Tsatsaki, Numismatic evidence from Hellenistic burials at Sfakaki, Rethymnon
  • Manolis Marinakis The influence of sculpture on the iconography of Hellenistic Cretan coins
  • Claudia Devoto, The coinage of Knossos: a first approach (320-67 BC)


  • Charikleia Papageorgiadou, The emergence of Cretan states in the Hellenistic times
  • Federico Carbone, Indexes

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