San Salvatore a Barzanò. Da chiesa privata a canonica battesimale, tra storia, architettura e congegno figurativo


Author: Fabio Scirea
Year of printing: 2017
ISBN: 9788899547110

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For one hundred and fifty years the church of San Salvatore in Barzanò has nourished the interest of historians and art historians, attracted by the peculiar institutional event, by the stratification of phases and construction solutions, by the presence of an elusive painted decoration and a baptismal font. 'exception. From the probable foundation in the XNUMXth century on the edge of a hill, perhaps already fortified, the private chapel of San Salvatore soon became a parental mausoleum and the church of the community of the castrum, to evolve a few decades later into a baptismal rectory, albeit in the shadow of the plebeian church of San Vittore in Missaglia.
The architecture has promptly accompanied every variation of the institutional structure through profound restructuring, functional to the changed needs of the liturgical space. A sensational result is the dome of the median span, a sort of enormous ciborium erected around the first baptismal font and fire generating a painted decoration with a Christological theme, a true figurative device acting in three-dimensional space. Not least is the octagonal font from the early XNUMXth century, an authentic masterpiece of design and installation, still admirable thanks to Federico Borromeo's antiquarian sensitivity.
The aim of this volume is to return the sequence, consistency and chronology of the multiple renovation interventions, trying to insert them into a coherent historical-institutional framework, despite the scarcity of available sources. The survey required the tools developed by historical studies, by thearcheologia dell’architettura and from the history of art, making them dialogue in a contextual framework. The thousand facets of a micro phenomenon emerge, a reflection of wider-ranging historical-institutional and historical-artistic processes.

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