San Tommaso di Acquanegra sul Chiese. Storia, architettura e contesto figurativo di una chiesa abbaziale romanica


Author: Fabio Scirea (Editor)
Year of printing: 2015
ISBN: 9788899547004

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In the central centuries of the Middle Ages, the abbey of San Tommaso in Acquanegra sul Chiese played a leading role in the political-religious framework of the border areas between Brescia, Mantua and Cremona. To compensate for the incomplete written sources, which document the settlement starting from 1053/1055 and attest to its direct dependence on Rome in 1136, an extraordinary material source helps: the imposing Romanesque church with the remains of its painted and mosaic decoration, re-emerged under the Baroque blanket during the restoration directed by Ilaria Toesca (1977-1984).
By virtue of an interdisciplinary research involving archaeologists, historians, art historians and philologists, the volume investigates the building in several directions in order to offer a contextual vision. The stratigraphic analysis of the elevation made it possible to identify three construction phases, virtually returned by the 3D model. Crossing archeology with historical sources, it was possible to attribute to the long government of the abbot Pietro (about 1101-1130) the elevation of the main nave, functional to accommodate a grandiose painted decoration integrated by a precious floor mosaic. The historical-artistic and philological investigation has succeeded in clarifying the identity, sequence and exegetical potential of the ranks of Old Testament figures, has highlighted the multiple meanings of the Final Judgment, has highlighted the role of the ornamental system and observed from the inside techniques and procedures of the workshops at work, providing multiple interpretations of an iconographic program in dynamic relationship with the demands of the Reform of the Church.

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