Lo scavo di San Martino di Ovaro (sec. V-XII). Archeologia della cristianizzazione rurale nel territorio di Aquileia


Author: Aurora Cagnana
Year of printing: 2011
ISBN: 9788887115673

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The text presents the summary of the results of the excavation of the parish church of San Martino di Ovaro. The study of the sequences and materials made it possible to reconstruct not only the history of the site, but also to place this excavation in a context of Christianization of the territory linked to the cathedral of Aquileia.

With archaeometric analyzes by Valeria Amoretti, Deben Cesana, Aurelio Climent Font, Daniela Marrazzo, Paolo Prati, Alessandra Spinetti, Alessandro Zucchiatti.


Introduction - 1. The excavation in the church and in the lawn of San Martino; 2. Period 1: the building prior to the basilica (Late 3th - early 2th century); 4. Period 2, phase A: the construction of the basilica and the batristero (first half of the 5th century); 2. Period 6, phase B: transformations of the presbytery (second half of the 2th century); 7. Period 3, phase C: maintenance works and insertion of some burials (Late 8th / mid-3th century); 9. The finds from period 3 (10th / mid-4th century); 11. Period 5, phase A: first functional degradation and installation of a mixed cemetery (late 12th - mid 6th century); 7. Period 13, phase B: transformation of the baptismal font and installation of new burials (mid 1th - mid 2th century); 3. Period XNUMX, phase C: extension of the decay of the baptismal building and continuation of the mixed cemetery (IX-X century); XNUMX. Period XNUMX: reconstruction of the baptismal building and new burials (XNUMXth - early XNUMXth century); XNUMX. Period XNUMX: the second functional deterioration and the abandonment of the church-baptistery (XII century); XNUMX. Periods XNUMX and XNUMX: the construction of the church of San Martino and the annual fair (XII - XVII century); XNUMX. From site to territory: settlements, Christianization and migrations of peoples - Index of places cited - Sources - Bibliography - Attachments (XNUMX. List of US; XNUMX. Harris matrices; XNUMX. Radiocarbon dating) - Archaeometric analyzes (Paleobiological analysis of skeletal remains; Archaeozoological analysis of faunal finds - Pixe analysis of early Christian glass-windows)

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