Storia di Salò e dintorni. Volume 3. Nella “Capitale” della Magnifica Patria. Le ragioni e la fatica del vivere


Author: Giuseppe Piotti (edited by)
Year of printing: 2021
ISBN: 9788899547585

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New tiles are added to those of the two previous volumes to complete the vivid, suggestive mosaic representative of the city of Salò and its territory under the jurisdiction of the "Serenissima", which lasted almost four centuries. They are historiographic pieces, often unpublished, which tell of "rare, poignant and dear things of the distant past" able to make us relive important moments and events, to share moods, passions and feelings of famous or less known personalities, but certainly no less important, which have left deep traces in our places. They are living substances and concrete memories of a story that wants to be told to help us understand the community of the present, set in the infinitely different landscape of the twentieth century, and offer food for thought for that of tomorrow. Merit of the two authors, Liliana Aimo and Giuseppe Piotti, for having been able to search, with competence, among the countless archival documents to collect the most relevant testimonies and then weave them into unitary frameworks that give us back sections of social, religious, civil and cultural life in which the atmosphere you breathe seems to be made, as Papini would say, "of palpable and magical light". What appears to us is therefore a "city of stone" and at the same time a "city of life", with its material realities (churches, monasteries, theater, schools) and the less striking but essential framework , organizational structures, administrative, political, legal, educational systems. But it is above all a “city to live”, in all its beauty and industriousness, even when adverse events try to scratch it.

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