Storia di Salò e dintorni. Volume 4. Salò Capitale. Evoluzione economica e sociale nel corso dell’Otto e Novecento


Author: Giovanni Pelizzari (Editor)
Year of printing: 2023
ISBN: 9788899547752

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This fourth volume of the "History of Salò and its surroundings" series contains studies that analyze the Salodian reality during the contemporary age, along a path of over two centuries and with projections up to the present day. An economic and social approach to the history of the city and its surroundings, marked by the order of the chapters on which the research is articulated: economic dynamics of the territory which determines the political-administrative arrangements called to govern the growth processes of the Community. The evolution of the Salò economy at the time of stagnation during the Austrian domination is investigated, as well as the lively recovery during the post-unification decades - albeit characterized by the persistence of heavy crises experienced by the primary sector - during which the new " guest industry”. The economic dynamics of the capital of the Riviera was then compared with that of other Garda municipalities and the surrounding area to bring out distinctive characteristics and specificities. The same public works carried out during the XNUMXth century, as envisaged by a far-sighted Regulatory Plan, radically changed the face of the City, finally opening it up to the lake and offering it the tools to accept the new challenges posed by the growing mobility of economic and social factors, that the local culture has helped to deal with effectively, even if not always efficiently. The reflections presented demonstrate that the Salodian society kept intact its characteristic values ​​- which had historically distinguished it for centuries, up to the time of the Great War - which were subsequently exhausted with the slow generational turnover and under the pressure of epochal changes of an economic nature, social and political. These values ​​are also documented through the investigation of the action carried out by the local ruling class, inspired in its action by the never lost spirit of service and by the paternalistic imprint in acting. From the study conducted on some aspects of local society, the profound nature of the Salodian community emerges, a centuries-old legacy that has historically infected the "new" citizens who, in increasing numbers, have taken up residence on Lake Garda. The articulated system of studies has the ambition of combining the scientific aspect and the popular aspect, with the aim of addressing both the academic world, for the originality of the investigative tools used, and the wider public of readers interested in knowing and deepening understanding of the history and events of one's city of birth or adoption. The references that the history of the past reflects on the present frequently emerge from the study, witnesses of the usefulness of its knowledge, in order to know how to treasure it.

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