Storie d’Egitto. La riscoperta della raccolta egiziana del Museo Civico di Modena


Author: Cristiana Zanasi (edited by)
Year of printing: 2019
ISBN: 9788878149137
e-ISBN: 9788878149144




Exhibition catalog - Modena, Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico - 16 February 2019 - 7 June 2020

The Stories of Egypt project, with the publication and exhibition preceded and accompanied by an articulated program of diagnostic investigations, combines humanistic and scientific disciplines effectively interpreting one of the most important objectives of the new cultural project Ago. Cultural factories. In fact, it includes the collection and historical-archaeological study, as well as an articulated program of diagnostics and conservative maintenance of the entire nucleus of Egyptian antiquities, a small collection consisting of about eighty finds that was established at the end of the 800th century, over the years following the foundation of the Museum. The history of its formation represents an interesting key to interpreting the idea of ​​the Museum that guided the choices of its founders and makes us understand how humanistic interests and scientific disciplines coexisted and intertwined in the museographic conception of the time. With this cultural operation, the Museums therefore update their original vocation, relaunching it within a new important project.
The exhibition, set up in the large archeology hall on the third floor of the Palazzo di Largo Sant'Agostino, will be characterized by a strong reference to the nineteenth-century exhibition, inserted however in a contemporary context with videos and multimedia equipment and will continue until June 2020 for allow more schools to visit the exhibition and to use the related educational path. The dialogue with the younger audience will also be guaranteed by a social project aimed at aggregating images and contents related to the collective imagination of the mummy, from comics, to cinematography, to literature and there will be many connected initiatives aimed at different types of public that will accompany the exhibition.
Also important is the network of institutional collaborations activated, by the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bologna, at the Department of History, Cultures and Civilization of the University of Bologna with its chair of Egyptology, at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with the Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences and the Museum Complex, up to the Radiology Structure of the University Hospital of Modena which has made itself available to carry out various surveys, at extraordinary times so as not to affect the public service.
An important operation therefore to promote a small but significant collection of the Civic Museums which - we are sure - will meet the favor of the public and will be appreciated by experts in the sector for its methodological approach.

Gianpietro Cavazza
Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Relations with University and School


Premessa, Gianpietro Cavazza

Introduzione, Francesca Piccinini

La riscoperta della raccolta egiziana

Storie d’Egitto, Cristiana Zanasi

Note introduttive circa le vicende formative e la consistenza attuale della collezione egiziana del Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico di Modena, Nikola Bellucci


  • La collezione egiziana del Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico di Modena, Beatrice De Faveri, Alessandro Galli
  • Vasi canopi, Alessandro Galli
  • Ushabti, Beatrice De Faveri
  • Coni funerari, Beatrice De Faveri
  • Amuleti, Alessandro Galli
  • Scarabei, Alessandro Galli
  • Bronzetti votivi, Beatrice De Faveri
  • Ostraka, Alessandro Galli
  • Ampolle di San Mena, Alessandro Galli
  • Mummificazione o imbalsamazione?, Francesco M. Galassi, Daniela Picchi, Cinzia Oliva, Elena Varotto

Appendice 1

  • Reperti di incerta provenienza attribuiti nell’800 alla raccolta egiziana, Alessandro Galli

Appendice 2

  • Riproduzioni e falsi, Beatrice De Faveri, Alessandro Galli
  • Diagnostica
  • Relazione antropologica e paleopatologica sulla mummia di bambino, Francesco M. Galassi, Elena Varotto
  • Osservazioni sul materiale entomologico prelevato dal sarcofago di mummia, Stefano Vanin
  • Identificazione delle specie legnose, Nicola Macchioni, Lorena Sozzi, Simona Lazzeri
  • Indagini multispettrali, Andrea Rossi
  • Identificazione preliminare dei materiali lapidei naturali e artificiali, Stefano Lugli, Paolo Pallante, Cesare Andrea Papazzoni, Paolo Zannini
  • Restauro
  • Il restauro della mummia di bambino, Cinzia Oliva
  • Il restauro del cartonnage della mummia, Carlotta L. Zanasi, Chiara Ghiselli
  • Il restauro e la documentazione RTI di alcuni reperti della collezione, Renaud Bernadet




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