Tecniche murarie e cantieri del romanico nell’Italia settentrionale. Atti del Convegno (Trento, 25-26 ottobre 2012)


Author: Gian Pietro Brogiolo (edited by), Giorgia Gentilini (edited by)
Year of printing: 2014
ISBN: 9788878146198


Extract from number XVII of the journal «Archeologia dell’Architettura».

It collects the proceedings of a seminar that was held in Trento in October 2012, dedicated to "Construction techniques and construction sites of the Romanesque in northern Italy". A theme, this, often debated, but which has not yet found a satisfactory historiographical arrangement, both as regards the incubation phase in the Ottonian age, indebted to the Byzantine and Carolingian tradition, and for the different tendencies that manifested themselves during the XNUMXth century. Its evolution is in fact complex, in relation to the particularity of the aristocratic clients in northern Italy and the influences of the architectures developed in other regions of Western Europe. The critical discussion, also in this case, must start from an analytical study of the masonry stratigraphy and of the construction techniques, on which we focus in seven contributions.

  • M. Cortelazzo, Dinamiche di cantiere, tecniche costruttive e possesso territoriale nell’edificazione delle torri valdostane tra XI e XIII secolo
  • G. Gentilini, I. Zamboni, Considerazioni preliminari per lo studio delle apparecchiature lapidee in contesti castellani trentini di epoca romanica
  • M. Rossi, I rapporti tra committenti e cantieri agli inizi del Romanico: un problema aperto
  • C. Tosco, I muri del romanico: un esame delle fonti dell’XI secolo
  • G.P. Brogiolo, Architetture in pietra lungo l’Adige tra X e XI secolo
  • A. Cagnana, R. Mussardo, Le torri di Genova fra XII e XIII secolo: caratteri architettonici, committenti, costruttori
  • A. Crosetto, Tecniche murarie e cantieri del romanico in Piemonte tra archeologia e architettura. La prima fase romanica nel territorio astigiano e alessandrino

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