Trame nello spazio. Quaderni di geografia storica e quantitativa, 7, dicembre 2017


Year of printing: 2017
ISBN: 9788878148390
e-ISBN: 9788878148406


The volume is composed of seven essays, which highlight the multiplicity of approaches of the geographical disciplines and therefore the different study and research activities of our laboratory. The volume then presents a novelty: the re-edition of an old text, which we propose again more than fifty years after its first edition. It deals with the essay by C. Greppi, entitled The peasant houses, which was part of the collective volume Man and the earth. The essay by M. Tomassini opens the volume, the study is the result of a long and in-depth research conducted by the author in the field in Wales. The text Cities and countryside: geography of the areas pertaining to urban sites between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, author G. Macchi Jánica, takes up some distributive investigations on the medieval settlement in Tuscany, with a careful reflection on the simplification that often characterizes historiographic models . With the essay Historical cartography as an instrument of knowledge of the territory and its dynamics, C. Bartoli instead brings attention to one of the most central themes in the laboratory's research activity: historical cartography and its use as a primary source for the study of the social dynamics of space appropriation. The commitment of the Geography Laboratory in the field of artificial intelligence is highlighted by the two writings Space and simulations for agents in geography (author G. Macchi Jànica) and Environmental conflicts in coastal areas: an approach with Artificial Neural Networks (authors L. Deravignone and A. Londei), which qualify as important experiments also under an international profile. With The relationship between man and environment in Jared Diamond: observation and description in Collapse, A. Palumbo offers a critical rereading of the work of J. Diamond.

  • Presentazione
  • Per una lettura geografica dell’identità nazionale: la retorica linguistico-rurale dell’etnonazionalismo gallese, Melissa Tomassini
  • Le case dei contadini, Claudio Greppi
  • Città e campagne: Geografia delle aree di pertinenza delle sedi urbane tra XIII e XIV secolo, Giancarlo Macchi JÁnica
  • Conflitti ambientali in aree costiere: un approccio con le Reti Neurali Artificiali, Luca Deravignone, Alessandro Londei
  • La cartografia storica come strumento di conoscenza del territorio e delle sue dinamiche. Alcune considerazioni sull’applicazione dei dati geo-storici nell’ambito della ricerca archeologica nel golfo di Piombino e Follonica, Cinzia Bartoli
  • Il rapporto uomo e ambiente in Jared Diamond: osservazione e descrizione in Collasso, Alessandro Antonio Palumbo
  • Spazio e simulazioni per agenti in geografia, Giancarlo Macchi JÁnica

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7, Trame nello spazio. Historical and quantitative geography notebooks.

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