Una terra antica. Paesaggi e insediamenti nella Romania dei secoli V-XI


Author: Paola Galetti (edited by)
Year of printing: 2021
ISBN: 9788892850286
e-ISBN: 9788892850330



The evolution of environmental frameworks, territorial structures and settlement systems between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries of Romagna /Romania they are analyzed with an interdisciplinary slant by historians and archaeologists, re-reading and discussing traditional readings of historiography, adding new data and proposing new research tools. With Romagna we mean the eastern area of ​​the current Emilia-Romagna region, while with Romania the areas in which Byzantine control persisted for the longest time in the territories of the upper and middle Adriatic, coastal and inland. The environmental picture is differentiated, between coastal strips, valley areas, medium and low plains, valleys and Apennine reliefs. Inside, cultivated lands, uncultivated areas and waters, together with different modes of exploitation, influence the unfolding of settlement systems, between city and countryside. Ravenna constitutes its privileged pole of attraction. From it, control radiates over the entire area of ​​the Archiepiscopal Curia able to bind the elite citizens and rural classes to itself in a variegated network of relationships.


Introduzione, Simone Balossino, Riccardo Rao

Introduzione, Paola Galetti

  •  Strutture territoriali e insediative della Romania tra tarda Antichità e alto Medioevo, Paola Galetti
  • Archeologia delle campagne della Romania tra la tarda Antichità e l’alto Medioevo: alcune piste di ricerca per il futuro, Andrea Augenti
  • Fiumi, valli e litorali tra Lamone e Savio dal periodo romano all’Età medievale, Michele Abballe
  • La ricostruzione dell’ambiente naturale della Romagna settentrionale attraverso le fonti d’archivio (secoli IX-XII), Celeste Fiorotto
  • L’insediamento rurale nel territorio ravennate tra la tarda Antichità e l’alto Medioevo (IV-XI secolo), Marco Cavalazzi, Nicola Mancassola
  • Storia e archeologia del territorio cervese tra tarda Antichità e Medioevo, Mila Bondi, Marco Cavalazzi
  • La società medievale indagata attraverso la Social Network Analysis: il caso di Bagnacavallo, Michela De Felicibus

Bibliografia, Mila Bondi

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