Uno sguardo sul passato. Archeologia nel Ferrarese


Author: Fede Berti (edited by)
Year of printing: 1994
ISBN: 9788878140097


The introduction of the Archaeologist Superintendent opens with a declaration which is the key to understanding the meaning of this volume, that is the close correlation between archaeological finds and the history of the territory; in this case, the Ferrara area in a spatial context, however much wider than the current one. It was from this concept that the work of archaeologists began who, through the retrieval and classification of the numerous 'pieces' that came to light, have drawn an organic picture of the environmental characteristics and population with an excursus that goes from prehistory to the late Middle Ages, through the terramaricola and Villanovan culture, the age of Etruscan expansion in the Po region, the period of Romanization, the early Middle Ages, to reach the great transformations of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The volume, which is also the catalog of the exhibition held in the Estense Castle, presents in its second part the color reproduction of the most significant pieces of the collection and the accurate description is accompanied by numerous drawings and all the exhibits on display.


Presentazione, di Francesco Ruvinetti

  • Materiali per una storia archeologica, di Pier Giovanni Guzzo
  • Il popolamento pre e protostorico del territorio, di Paola Desantis
  • Spina, di Paola Desantis
  • Aspetti della romanizzazione, di Fede Berti
  • Le testimonianze dell’alto Medioevo, di Caterina Cornelio Cassai
  • Archeologia urbana a Ferrara e nel Ferrarese. Le ultime scoperte, di Chiara Guarnieri
  • Composizione chimica di un anello e di un ditale recuperati dallo scavo di corso
  • Porta Reno – via Vaspergolo, di Gianna Giachi
  • Materiali archeologici del Castello Estense di Ferrara, di Caterina Cornelio Cassai 38
  • Repertorio fotografico
  • Catalogo


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