Studi e ricerche sul villaggio medievale di Geridu. Miscellanea 1996-2001

Author: Marco Milanese (Editor)
Year of printing: 2004
ISBN: 9788878142572

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With texts by M. Baldassarri, F. Benente, L. Biccone, FGR Campus, A. Deiana, M. Fiori, G. Gattiglia, E. Marcasciano, G. Meloni, M. Milanese, GJ Mullen, A. Panetta, L Sanna.

The volume collects the Proceedings of the Conference 'Life and death of abandoned villages between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. From the excavation of the villa de Geriti to planning the protection and knowledge of the abandoned villages of Sardinia '(Sassari-Sorso, May 28-29, 2001). From the complex research matured in the context of the excavations of the medieval village of Geridu (Gereti, Geriti), the remains of which are preserved in the subsoil of the homonymous locality in the countryside of Sorso, the essential stimuli emerge for the analyzes reported in the text. In Geridu, ten excavation campaigns carried out by the Universities of Sassari, Pisa and Genoa have highlighted, for the first time in Sardinia, what the informative charge can be, from a historiographic point of view and therefore also in close relationship with the written sources, ensured by the excavation map of a medieval village in the region. The original intent of the Conference was in fact to promote a more effective dialogue between written and archaeological sources, to demolish the traditional academic fences that still divide disciplines that should develop multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge strategies and that instead have only superficial and occasional contacts. .

  • Introduzione – Il villaggio medievale di Geridu (Sorso). Campagne di scavo 1995/1996: relazione preliminare
  • Il progetto Geridu. Indagini archeologiche in un villaggio medievale abbandonato della Sardegna
  • Geridu. Archeologia e storia di un villaggio medievale della Sardegna
  • Il villaggio medievale di Geridu. Ricerche 1997-1999
  • Produzione, commercio e consumo di manufatti ceramici nella Sardegna nord-occidentale tra XI e XV secolo
  • L’insediamento umano nella Sardegna settentrionale nel Basso Medioevo. Il villaggio medievale di Geridu (Geriti)

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