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SAMI (Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani), founded in 1994 by leading figures in medieval archeology and research in general, such as Ottone d'Assia, Riccardo Francovich and Tiziano Mannoni, is currently made up of over 500 members.

It is a non-profit society, which aims to constitute a meeting and comparison point between Italian medievalist archaeologists, academic and non-academic, to study the material sources of the post-classical and pre-industrial era and to promote all initiatives aimed at the investigation and enhancement of the archaeological heritage of the Middle Ages on the national territory.

Already starting from the 70s of the last century, not surprisingly, it was the development of Medieval Archeology as an autonomous university discipline, which stimulated a strong commitment to studies on the post-ancient phases of the territory in an approach of global archeology and complexity; consequently, attention to the links existing between the modern territory and its diachronic phases in an attempt to recognize and enhance its assets and dynamics.

Based on this tradition, one of the primary objectives of SAMI is, therefore, to foster and promote knowledge of the monumental and landscape heritage in its diachrony, for the benefit and in relation to the widest possible public and through a serious strategy of cultural planning. , in the belief that heritage must take on, once and for all, that leading role that belongs to it in the country's economy.

SAMI, Società degli Archeologi Medievisti Italiani, c / o All’Insegna del Giglio s.a.s., via Arrigo Boito 50-52, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), registered office in via della Querciola 6, 50141 Florence, cod. fisc. 9405 0560 484

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Regulations for the payment of the membership fees

  1. the amount of annual fee is € 30,00.
  2. The registration becomes effective after the payment of the first annual fee which covers the year of registration independently
    from the date on which the registration takes place.
  3. The annual fee must be paid within the year to which it refers. Paying € 60 covers the current year and the two following years.
    After this deadline, the quota for the year becomes overdue. A 5-year backlog results in cancellation for arrears.
  4. Coverage of back payments. Procedures applicable from 20.6.2013:
    Member in arrears of 1 year covers 3 years paying € 70;
    Member in arrears of 2 years covers 3 years paying € 75;
    Member in arrears of 3 years covers 4 years paying € 100;
    Member in arrears of 4 years covers 5 years paying € 125;
    Member in arrears of 5 years covers 6 years paying € 150.
  5. Modalità di pagamento:
    - by bank transfer, made out to SAMI, BancoPosta - Poste Italiane Spa, Florence 30 - Via R. Giuliani 148 / r - 50141 FIRENZE, IBAN IT 53 P 07601 02800 000019201508;
    - by payment to the account 19201508 in the name of SAMI, using a normal white postal order;
    - by credit card (PayPal) at the address;
    - with PayPal, using the page (it is necessary to indicate the amount and, in the reasons for the payment, indicate name, card number, reference years of the quotas)

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