Animals and their roles in the medieval society of Sicily from Byzantines to Arabs and from Arabs to Norman/Aragoneses (7th-14th c. AD)


Autore: Veronica Aniceti
Anno di stampa: 2022
ISBN: 9788892851399
e-ISBN: 9788892851405


The work presented in this book opens a new window on the history and archaeology of medieval Sicily, by focusing on the development of human-animal relationships from Byzantine times to the later Middle Ages. This large-scale study of animal bones and teeth relies on the analysis of material from old and recent excavations, as well as on a comprehensive review of data available from the literature. The results shed light on two major lines of investigation on Arab and Norman-Aragonese Sicily: the influence of different dominations on dietary practices, most notably the extent to which the taboo on pork consumption spread in the island under the Arab administration, and the longer-term changes in animal husbandry as a consequence of the technological developments and novel approaches to landscape exploitation introduced by the Arabs.

  • Acknowledgements

1. Introduction

1. An historical overview of medieval Sicily

  • 1.1 Sicily from the Romans to the Byzantines
  • 1.2 Sicily from the Byzantines to the Arabs
  • 1.3 Sicily from the Arabs to the Normans/Swabians

2. An overview of medieval Palermo

  • 2.1 A geographical and historical introduction to Palermo
  • 2.2 Palermo in the Aghlabid period
  • 2.3 Palermo in the Fatimid and Khalbid periods
  • 2.4 Palermo in the Norman/Swabian period

3. Sites and Methodology

  • 3.1 The diagnostic zone method
  • 3.2 Quantification
  • 3.3 Ageing and sexing
  • 3.4 Biometry
  • 3.5 Taphonomy
  • 3.6 Pathologies and non-metric traits

4. results 4.1 Corso dei Mille (Palermo)

  • 4.2 Sant’Antonino (Palermo)
  • 4.3 The Norman Palace (Palermo)
  • 4.4 Casale San Pietro (Castronovo di Sicilia, Palermo)
  • 4.5 Mazara del Vallo (Trapani)
  • 4.6 Colmitella (Agrigento)
  • 4.7 Rocchicella (Catania)
  • 4.8 Castello San Pietro (Palermo)

5. Discussion

  • 5.1 Byzantine Sicily: the starting point
  • 5.2 The arrival of the Arabs: taboos, introductions and improvements
  • 5.4 Eagles over Sicily: the Norman/Swabian period

Conclusions and potential future research


Recensione su Medieval Archaeology 67.2

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