Archeologia e Calcolatori, 13, 2002 – XIV Congress of the I.U.P.P.S. – Data Management and Mathematical Methods in Archaeology


Anno di stampa: 2002
ISBN: 9788878142152


Contiene gli Atti del XIV Congress of the I.U.P.P.S. (September 2001), Commission IV, ‘Data Management and Mathematical Methods in Archaeology’, Proceedings of Symposia 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 1.10


F. Roncalli, Editoriale
P. Moscati, Preface
F. Djindjian, The Commission IV Sessions during the XIV UISPP Conference(Liège, Belgium, September 2001)

Symposium 1 / Colloque 1

  • Archaeological knowledge: theory and methods
  • Connaître en archéologie: fondements théoriques et méthodes
  • Coordinators / Coordinateurs: F. Djindjian, R. Whallon
  • F. Djindjian, Introduction
  • J.-C. Gardin, Les modèles logico-discursifs en archéologie
  • L. Iakovleva, Un essai de formalisation des études sur l’art paléolithique pour la connaissance des sociétés préhistoriques
  • J.A. Barceló, G. Pelfer, A. Mandolesi, The origins of the city. From social theory to archaeological description
  • A. Guidi, Modelling the social evolution: the state of art
  • A. Gallay, Maitriser l’analogie ethnographique: espoirs et limites
  • F. Djindjian, Pour une théorie générale de la connaissance en archéologie

Symposium 2 / Colloque 2

  • New technologies in Cultural Resource Management and archaeological presentation: G.I.S., Virtual Reality, Internet, Multimedia Nouvelles technologies dans la gestion du patrimoine culturel et dans la présentation
  • archéologique: S.I.G., Réalité Virtuelle, Internet, Multimedia Coordinators / Coordinateurs: F. Vermeulen, Z. Stanèiè
  • F. Vermuelen, Introduction
  • M.W. Mehrer, A GIS-based archaeological decision-support model for cultural resource management
  • P. Moscati, From an Etruscan town to modern technologies: new advancements in the ‘Caere Project’
  • M. Meganck, J. Bourgeois, I. Roovers, M. Lodewijckx, Processing oblique aerial photographs in Flanders: the Havik Project at the Ghent Univer-
  • sity. A contribution to archaeological resource management
  • S. Soetens, J. Driessen, A. Sarris, S. Topouzi, The Minoan peak sanctuary landscape through a GIS approach
  • M. Bampton, Linking location and space to process using precision mapping
  • J.H. Altschul, Alternative methods of disseminating archaeological findings from CRM contexts: examples from the American Southwest

Workshop 1 / Atelier 1

  • The application of Bayesian methods in archaeology
  • L’application des statistiques bayesiennes en archéologie Coordinators / Coordinateurs: G.L. Cowgill, I. Robertson
  • G.L. Cowgill, Introduction
  • G.L. Cowgill, Getting Bayesian ideas across to a wide audience
  • A.R. Millard, R.L. Gowland, A Bayesian approach to the estimation of the age of humans from tooth development and wear
  • A.J.C. Zink, Bayesian approach applied to authenticity testing by luminescence
  • S. Hermon, F. Niccolucci, Estimating subjectivity of typologists and typological classification with fuzzy logic

Workshop 2 / Atelier 2

  • Spatio-temporal modelling in archaeology
  • Modéliser les systèmes dans l’espace et le temps en archéologie Coordinator / Coordinateur: A. Voorrips
  • A. Voorrips, Introduction
  • J.A. Barceló, Archaeological thinking: between space and time
  • A. Costopoulos, Playful agents, inexorable process: elements of a coherent theory of iteration in anthropological simulation
  • D.R. Snow, Spatio-temporal modeling of North American prehistory
  • B. Bosselin, F. Djindjian, Un essai de reconstitution du climat entre 40.000 BP et 10.000 BP à partir de séquences polliniques de tourbières et de carottes océaniques et glaciaires à haute résolution


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