Museo Delta Antico. Museum Guide


Autore: Carla Buoite (edited by), Lorenzo Zamboni (edited by)
Anno di stampa: 2017
ISBN: 9788878148147
e-ISBN: 9788878148154


The History of the Po Delta has a new home. In 2017 the Museo Delta Antico has been opened in Comacchio, inside the evocative seat of a completely restored eighteenth century former hospital. This museum is the outcome of a long and exciting path aimed to return to a territory the signs of its past, thanks also to a compelling and interactive design. The Museum Guide is a easy and narrative tool to introduce the archaeological treasures disclosed from Delta’s unique landscape. The reader will follow the evolution of the environment, the spread of first human settlement, the splendors of the Etruscan period up to Roman Medieval masterpieces. Highlights of the Museum are the town of Spina, with the rich grave goods from its cemetery, the outstanding cargo of a Roman shipwreck and the remains of the Late Antiquity and Medieval Comacchio.

Institutional greetings

  • Presentations
  • Ospedale degli Infermi. The building before the museum, by Gabriele Arveda
  • The museum design, by Michela Biancardi, Angela Cazzoli, Nike Maragucci, Alessandro Tricoli, Rita Zambonelli
  • Museum display, by Carla Buoite and Lorenzo Zamboni
  • The ancient Delta. Environment and landscape
  • Before Spina. The protohistoric population
  • Spina. Crossroads of the ancient world
  • Roman period. A land without towns
  • The roman ship. Its cargo
  • Late Antiquity and medieval period. A new town
  • Further reading

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