Archeologia e Calcolatori, Supplemento 6, 2014. ARCHEOSEMA. Artificial Adaptive Systems for the Analysis of Complex Phenomena. Collected Papers in Honour of David Leonard Clarke


Autore: Marco Ramazzotti ( a cura di)
Anno di stampa: 2014
ISBN: 9788878146082


ARCHEOSEMA, a meta-disciplinary project of theoretical, analytical and experimental archaeology, has been recently awarded by La Sapienza University of Rome. The project title is an acronym which sums up its two main theoretical foundations: the openness of modern archaeology (ARCHEO) to the analysis of physical, historical, linguistic signs (SEMA) underlying natural and cultural systems reconstructed and simulated through Artificial Sciences. This volume edited by Marco Ramazzotti, a Supplement to «Archeologia e Calcolatori», is a Special Issue dedicated to the memory of the English archaeologist David Leonard Clarke (1937-1976), and is a further attempt to collect some applicative studies of complex natural and cultural phenomena following the Artificial Intelligence computational models through the lens of Analytical Archaeology.

  • W.J. Tastle, Presentation
  • M. Ramazzotti, Preface
  • M. Ramazzotti, Analytical Archaeology and Artificial Adaptive Systems
  • P.M. Buscema, The general philosophy of Artificial Adaptive Systems (AAS)
  • M. Ramazzotti, Analytical Archaeology and Artificial Adaptive Systems Laboratory (LAA&AAS)
  • A. Londei, artificial neural networks and complexity: an overview
  • A. Montanari, ANNs and geographical information for urban analysis evidence from the european fp7 secoa project
  • M. Capriotti, computer science procedures for the Laboratory of Analytical Archaeology and artificial adaptive systems (LAA&AAS)
  • L. Deravignone, Adaptive systems and Geographic Information Systems in archaeology: retrospective and practical approaches in spatial archaeology
  • P. Canettieri, The author’s fingerprint. A computerised attribution method
  • S. Celani, Artificial adaptive systems for philological analysis: the Pessoa case
  • A. Di Ludovico, Analysis on the cuneiform texts of Ebla. An exploratory point of view
  • F. Manni, A. Coppa, F. Candilio, Kohonen self-organizing Maps to unravel patterns of dental morphology in space and time
  • I. Viaggiu, Investigating Mesopotamian cylinder seals iconography by using artificial neural networks. The Isin-Larsa period
  • J. Wayenberg, M. Capriotti, investigating greek painted iconology by using artificial neural networks. maenads and satyrs on athenian red-figure pottery

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